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About WindRush Farms

Windrush Farms is a diversified farming operation of row crops, hay, and Boer Goats on 1000 acres. Vern Thorp has been involved in farming and raising livestock all his life. To supplement his farm income, he was a farrier for 30 years. He had cattle and sheep for many years, showing sheep professionally.

Vern raised and trained Quarter Horses in reining, roping and pleasure, and participated in calf and team roping rodeos. In addition, he has served as a horse show judge.

The main farm is 5 miles north of Oskaloosa, Iowa, on Highway 63. The other farms comprising this operation are north and south of the main farm.

Farm Manager

Colter Lanpheir

Hello, my name is Colter Lanphier, the Farm Manager at Windrush Farms. As a kid, I was always interested in farming and livestock and could not wait until I was old enough to start working.

I started working for Windrush Farms when I was 12 years old. Vern and Susan Thorp have taught me many fundamental lessons that continue every year. The most important lesson that Windrush Farms has taught me is consistency. Daily feeding and farm work schedules ensure consistent job completion.

I took a three-year hiatus to attend Indian Hills Community College to sharpen my welding and diesel mechanics skills. Following graduation from college I began full time employment working on locomotives using the above learned skills and continued to help out on the farm on weekends or as needed.

I found Windrush Farms brought a passion to my life that I grew to miss. Consequently, I came back to my roots when Austin moved on to further his pilot training. That passion is now fulfilled each and every day.

Farm Manager - Colter Lanphier
Austin Lanpheir - Windrush Boer Goats

Former Herd Manager

Austin Lanphier

Austin worked at Windrush Farms from 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2021 as Herd Manager.

While working here, he pursued his dream to become a pilot earning his Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating. He is currently working at the Ankeny Airport as a Line Service Technician while finishing his commercial pilot and flight instructor ratings.

We are thrilled about Austin’s continued success in pursuing the additional certifications needed to forward his career of flying and wish him much continued success!

Kelpie History at Windrush

Working Australian Kelpies were part of this operation from 1982 through 2010. Vern enjoyed trialing his Kelpies for many years, winning two National Kelpie Trials. Stock Dog Clinics were held yearly for 15 years at Windrush Farms through the Australian Fund. Vern also enjoys still occasionally teaching stock dog clinics.

Iowa Meat Goat Association

Vern and Susan Thorp began raising Boer Goats in 2002 becoming extremely active in all facets of the Boer Goat industry. Susan helped start the Iowa Meat Goat Association and served as President for 3 years. She was successful in getting the Boer Goat Show accepted into the Iowa State Fair and then worked for many years on this show. In 2017 Susan and Vern were awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Iowa Meat Goat Association for their years of supporting and participating in Boer Goat related events, shows, clinics and education.

Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association, Inc.

The formation of the Tall Corn Meat Goat Wether Association, Inc. was instituted by the major role that Vern and Susan played as President and Secretary. They continued their involvement and active support by participating in shows, clinics, educational events, and the Annual Tall Corn Sale. When the Association was dissolved in 2018 the Treasury totaling $6000 was donated to the Iowa State Fair for Scholarships for youth participating in 4H show related to wether goats and does.

Tall Corn Meat Goat Association

The Iowa Meat Goat Association awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to the Tall Corn Meat Goat Association for their many years of services to the meat goat industry and support of Iowa youth.

Expect the Best

Why Windrush Boer Goats?

Windrush Farms began showing goats in 2003. Many of these award-winning goats still continue to influence Windrush Farms Herd today.

See how Windrush Farms can improve your herd’s genetics, resulting in healthier kids and improved stature. Call to set up your personalized visit to Windrush Farms today!

Farm Manager

Colter Lanpheir

Predictable Genetics

Documented bloodlines provide predictable genetics for your herd.

Structural Correctness

Our goats are bred for structural correctness and quality stature.

Milking & Mothering

Milking and mothering ability is a paramount quality in our Boer does.

Healthly Boers

A solid health program is a very important component Windrush Boer breeding.


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