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Predictable Genetics & Solid Health Program

Windrush Farms’ breeding program concentrates on and emphasizes predictable genetics, out-of-season breeding, milking and mothering ability, structural correctness, and a strong health program.

Over the past 20 years, Windrush Farms has maintained several bloodlines in our herd including:

  • Kohls
  • Don Smith
  • Paul Payne with ANR Jack
  • Powell/Holman
  • Sisters II

We later developed a partnership with Sisters II, Jointly owning several goats together. Preserving these bloodlines along with the Windrush Farms line, the breeding program continues to promote predictable genetics within the Windrush herd.

A solid health program is a very important component of our breeding program. A caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) negative herd has been in place since 2004. All Windrush does are tested for CAE prior to kidding, as well as, any outside bucks.

Fecal testing is done as needed and our goats are only wormed when needed to avoid anthelminthic resistance. Fecal resistance is checked every 4 years.

Boar Goat Breeding at Windrush Farms
Out of Season - Boer Goats - Windrush Farms

Don’t Settle For Less

Out-of-Season Breeding

Windrush Farms intentionally began out-of-season breeding in 2013. Prior to that, the goats in our herd did breed out of season but no formal plan was in place.

To facilitate this type of production only does born out-of-season were retained in the herd. Two of our main stud bucks were born in October with our other buck being born in January. In the last two years, we have seen a 200% increase in kid crops. Windrush Farms’ goat does often have triplets and we typically have one set of quads each year.

Since our does have multiple kids, milking and mothering ability are paramount. Windrush Farms does can raise triplets without supplementation. This is a double-edged sword since these same does need to be safely dried up once their kids are weaned at three months. With three kids to manage, moms need to be excellent mothers.

Expect the Best

Why Windrush Boer Goats?

Windrush Farms began showing goats in 2003. Many of these award-winning goats still continue to influence Windrush Farms Herd today.

See how Windrush Farms can improve your herd’s genetics, resulting in healthier kids and improved stature. Call to set up your personalized visit to Windrush Farms today!

Predictable Genetics

Documented bloodlines provide predictable genetics for your herd.

Structural Correctness

Our goats are bred for structural correctness and quality stature.

Milking & Mothering

Milking and mothering ability is a paramount quality in our Boer does.

Healthly Boers

A solid health program is a very important component Windrush Boer breeding.


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